Interior Painting

Our Process

The Estimate: We'll go over exactly what you want painted, the colors, your schedule, and any damages you'll need repaired. We guarantee your estimate by 5pm the very next day.

Prep: The first thing we when entering any home is put on our boot covers and lay down plastic sheeting to protect your floors and carpets. We then move any furniture necessary and cover them with plastic too. After we've unpacked we vacuum, dust, and clean every surface we're going to paint.

Drywall Repair: We then fix any damage in the drywall, from small nail holes to major cracks. We'll also sand any rough areas in the wall.

Painting: Once the wall is all fixed up and ready, painting begins. For problem areas or major color changes, we'll go over the area with a stain-blocking primer. Then we'll apply two coats or more if necessary to the walls, ceiling, and trim. We use only Sherwin-Williams paints unless otherwise requested.

Final Inspection: We look over every inch we worked on to make sure it's perfect and fix it if it isn't.

Clean Up: We bring all trash with us and properly dispose of all used brushes and cans. We never wash dirty brushes in your kitchen sink or throw cans in your garbage. When we're done we like to leave the place better than we found it.

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